The right to commemorate the dead should also be given to the Tamil population and if that just demand is not accepted by the government, peace can never prevail in the north east, according to the Democratic People’s  Alliance.    Mr. Mano Ganeshan, the leader of the Democratic People’s Alliance was speaking at a media briefing  in Colombo on Wednesday ( 05). While the government, permitted  members of the JVP to commemorate those who perished in an armed struggle, , that right had been deprived  from the Tamil people, he said. Earlier on the 27, when the Jaffna University students was preparing to mark the ‘Mahavir’ Day, by lighting lamps in a ceremony in the their hostels, police and the army alighted on the campus and disrupted the commemoration, thereafter students engaged in protests and clashed ensued between the two parties.]]>


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