A group of Sri Lankan Tamils living in Norway, whose children were allegedly forcibly taken into Norwegian State custody. Children from 60 Tamil families have been forcibly taken away for dubious reasons, ranging from unhygienic feeding habits to embraces that are sexual in nature. According to the letter, parents whose children were taken away by the Norwegian Child Welfare authorities, claim their offspring have been handed over to Norwegian couples for foster care.  They also claim their children have been prohibited from conversing in their mother tongue, Tamil, or any other language, apart from the Norwegian language. Speaking to Colombo media  from Norway, Selvathurai Mahatmajothi,  a victimized parent said there were 60 families whose children have been forcibly taken way, and described the reasons attributed for their removal as  ‘extremely dubious’. “On a previous occasion, even Indian parents underwent a similar situation. Their children were taken under foster care claiming they did not have a healthy environment to grow up in, all because they fed their children with the hand. In my case, they accused us of sexually abusing our kids, all because we hug and mollycoddle then, which Norwegians are not used to. In one particular case, they took the children away from the family because they used to sleep in the same room with the parents,” Mahatmajothi, who was originally from Jaffna said. He said Sri Lankan families were not the only victims and claimed that five nations have joined with them against the move by the Norwegian authorities, as they too have been victimized. “The parents are permitted to see the kids in foster care only three times a year for about two hours. Our children were crying when disclosing the anguish they for forced to undergo, “Mahatmajothi said, asking, “ We respect the rules and regulations of a country, but why must our children should suffer as a result of authorities being insensitive to different cultures?” He said the children plead for the parents to protect them and claimed that some have even threatened to commit suicide. According to Selvathurai Mahatmajothi and several others, a 17-year-old child under foster care, had committed suicide last Friday. Relatives of the victimized parents in Sri Lanka had also met several opposition politicians in the hope of bringing the issue  to the notice of the authorities. Democratic People’s Front Leader (DPF) Mano Ganesan, and UNP Parliamentarian, Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena, acknowledged that a group of relatives had brought the matter to their notice.  ]]>


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