Obama wins big among US Tamils


The week of October 23, 2012, Tamils for Obama polled US Tamils about who they planned to vote for in the presidential election of November 6, 2012.

“We are Tamils for Obama,” said a press spokesman for this Tamil American organization, “so people probably expect our polling to be one-sided. Still, we tried to do a fair sampling of Tamil American opinions and intentions. “

Seven thousand seven hundred and thirty eight Tamil Americans participated in this poll.

“Here are the results our Tamil American friends told us online,” said the spokesman.

“In the poll, President Obama triumphed easily. He won by 95% to 5% for his opponent.

“When we asked on what they based their voting choice, by far the greatest number of our respondents said they felt that Obama will support Tamil causes,” said this spokesman. “99.75% checked this reason for supporting Obama.”

The second-most checked consideration was “This candidate will effectively manage the US economy” with 0 1 %.

“Of course, “said the spokesman, “we took precautions to keep anyone from voting repeatedly and to make sure we got one vote from each individual person.”


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