Pay close attention to upcoming UPR of SriLanka at UNHRC


Since the end of civil war on May 19, 2009, Sri Lankan Government has been increasingly manifesting its racist, militaristic, despotic tendencies. The life of Tamils in North and East of Sri Lanka has already reached a nadir there.

We believe that only a timely intervention by the US President in the UPR-2012 of Sri Lanka in UNHRC, Geneva in Oct.-Nov.2012, can eliminate Sri Lanka’s chance of twisting this session into another congratulatory meeting for its genocidal activities

Sri Lanka needs to be admonished for impunity, lawlessness and systemic genocide in regard to

Illegal detentions, enforced disappearances,

Nazi style Lebensraum” and Anschluss happening in ancestral Tamil lands, destruction or conversion of heritage, religious & archeological sites and  Suppression of press freedom.

We petition the obama administration to: Pay close attention to upcoming UPR of SriLanka at UNHRC, and lawlessness and impunity prevailing currently there

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