A Letter created by the Editor of the Headline asks Tamils to sign and send to the Madhya Pradesh chief Minister to express their condemnation regarding their state government extending out invitation to the President of Srilanka Mahinda Rajapakse. Here is the full text of the letter: to: Email: cs@vallabh.mp.nic.in, cs@mp.nic.in Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Vallabh Bhavan Madhya Pradesh Fax 0755-450 501; Phone 91-755-450500; 91-755-(450502 to 450504) Respected Chief Minister, We are writing this letter to display our condemnation regarding your state government extending out invitation to the President of Srilanka Mahinda Rajapakse. You would have been aware that in the year 2008/2009, he had unleashed a state sponsored terror that the world has never seen before. This blood-raged genocide had claimed the lived of hundreds of thousands of innocent Tamil children including women and children. Many women and young girls and had faced tremendous sexual abuse and exploitation. Those who have lived through this bloody hunt had been kept in concentration-style bard-wired camps and had been left in bad state of mental depression. Even today, there are widespread events of cultural, historical and language based genocide of Tamils. Land grabbing, sexual violence, kidnapping and killing of Tamils is still quite common. In Sri lanka, these crimes lead to the very top government officials, i.e., the President and his family members (who are part of the government). War crime accusations over Mahinda Rajapakse and his brothers have been put forward by UN panel’s report in 2011. His involvement in genocide and evidences of war crimes has been exposed by Wikileaks website and U.K’s Channel 4 news channel. A special news report on the same was also done by India’s Headlines Today news channel. Ireland’s Internation War Crimes tribunal has convicted him of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Even, in the US there is a humanitarian case filed against Mahinda Rajapakse. However India, a nation that has 8 billion Tamils is considering him as a strong ally and friend. How can someone who’s navy has murdered close to 560 Indian Fishermen (who are also citizens of India) can be considered a “friend”? The Indian government, without paying litte attention to the sentiments of Tamil community, has already offered red-carpet welcome to Rajapakse thrice. This is a huge insult to the feelings of Tamil population in India and across the world. We ask that you reconsider your invitation to Mahinda Rajapakse. If not, we Tamils would have to take up widespread protests and boycotts. An attack on our Tamil brothers and sisters in Sri lanka is an attack on the Tamil community as a whole. Self-respect and Dignity is more important to us Tamils than life itself. We hope that you would make the right decision. Thanking you,]]>


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