Russia to donate helicopters to SL


mi171Russia announced that it has taken steps to provide eight large helicopters to Sri Lanka as a total donation; the Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Office said quoting visiting Head of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independence States-Russia Konstantin Kosachev.

Russia expects to conduct this exhibition in a city which links Asian and European countries. This would provide a preferential situation to Sri Lanka as well. This would immensely important to enhance the tourism in Sri Lanka. Russia expects around twenty million people for this exhibition from local and foreign countries. The estimated income of this exhibition is USD 200 million. Head of the Federal Agency stated that this would help Sri Lanka to meet its goal of attracting one million tourists to visit Sri Lanka and he promised to arrange special programme for this target, Mr. Kosachev.

The SL Prime Minister Jayaratne said that Sri Lanka is prepared to help Russia, if it requests for a help as the Russian Federation is a intimate friend of Sri Lanka. When some Western countries including USA accuse Sri Lanka on human rights violations Russia and China came forward to mitigate such allegations, he added.