Sampanthan seeks UNP help to get CM post


The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is tipped to clinch thirteen seats whilst the United National Party is likely to win six or seven seats in the forthcoming Eastern Provincial Council elections.

As such, the TNA partnering with the UNP will set up an opposition led administration in the Eastern Province and the chief minister’s post would be given to the TNA party leader, R. Sampanthan said.

He  made this remark at a meeting of the representatives of the Tamil Welfare Association, held at the Newster Hotel in Trincomalee.

“There are 35 seats in the Eastern Provincial Council. If we were to hold a majority, we must win over 17 seats. We are hopeful of winning five seats from the Batticaloa District whilst another four and two may be won respectively from Trincomalee and the Ampara districts.

With these 11 seat, and the two bonus seats, we will 13 seats altogether. If the UNP is able to get around seven seats, both parties put together will have 20 seats, resulting in making a UNP-TNA coalition the majority in the council.

We have no faith in getting the support of other parties which have pledged their allegiance to the government. So, if we have 20 seats, we can easily clinch the Chief Minister’s post and thereby show our strength to the world. This is the best opportunity to prove to the world that we have a mandate and I fervently request all of you to cast your vote with confidence,” he said.






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