In Canada, the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union strongly opposes the militarization of university campuses. On Wednesday November 28th, a group of students at the University of Jaffna worked to commemorate those who have lost their lives in the struggle for a Tamil nation. In order to shed light on the issue, a silent march occurred were the Sri Lankan military soldiers abruptly interrupted the commemorations. In these altercations, 4 students were detained and 10 other students were injured. The Scarborough Campus Students’ Union has always strived to advocate for an accessible post-secondary education system. Due to the oppressive nature of militarization on campuses, the SCSU sees that militarization anywhere worldwide as a threat to access to education. When students who try to express their views in a peaceful manner get brutally attacked for political reasons, they can’t engage in an academic environment. For these reasons the SCSU chooses to condemn the attacks the Sri Lankan military committed to the peaceful protestors. “The SCSU strives to fight inequalities wherever they might exist. We stand in solidarity with the protestors. Unfortunately this serves as a reminder of the constant state of oppression Tamil’s face, and should reenforce the need for self determination and a separate Tamil state”, said Guled Arale, Vice President External, SCSU As long as injustice exists, the SCSU will stand up to fight it. We can never truly be free if oppression exists. If we want to fight the inequalities of a post secondary system that is not accessible, we need to fight all forms of oppressions. The Scarborough Campus Students’ Union represents close to 11 000 full and part time students at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus.  ]]>


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