SLA Special Forces major had killed Vinitha


Eye witnesses say that an LTTE leader Nadesan and others who tried to surrender to the security forces carrying white flags were killed after assaulting them with poles. Eye witnesses have added that Nadesan’s wife was shot and killed while she said, “I’m Sinhala, please don’t kill me.”

Several LTTE members and a civilian who was present at the time of the assassination are currently in London and are revealing all the gory details of the murders.

Former BBC correspondent Frances Harrison referring to their eye witness accounts has said that Vineetha had shouted in Sinhala when the soldiers had tried to kill her and that a third eye witness had said that she had shouted to the soldiers asking them not to kill her since she was Sinhala.

The eyewitnesses have said that a Special Forces major had killed Vinitha after shouting at her in filth asking if she remembered her Sinhala heritage only now. Nadesan was killed after being assaulted with poles. (LNW)

The eye witness is now coming out with the entire incident and had said he could identify the security forces personnel if he saw them.