Sri Lanka started 'Cormorant Strike lll’ military exercise


‘Cormorant Strike lll – 2012’, the joint military exercise organized by the Sri Lanka Army begun yesterday (10th September). About 2000 military personnel are taking part in this exercise held for the third consecutive time. The 16 day combined military exercise is attended by 40 foreign military personnel representing a number of countries. Participants were briefed before the operations commenced today at the Sri Lanka Army camp in Minneriya. The eleven officers and 29 other ranks representing militaries from China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives and India are in Sri Lanka in response to the invitations extended by the Sri Lanka Army. Exercise “Cormorant Strike” involves amphibious landing followed by operation on land under simulated combat action. The exercise gives an opportunity to the different elements of the tri forces to rehearse the concept of amphibious operations and enhance own skills. The exercise will comprise of mock raids on boat yards, amphibious landings, taking of high value targets, reconnaissance, surveillance on targets, airborne and seaborne operations, path-finding missions, ambushes, search operations, counter terrorist actions and hostage rescue mission and other military exercises. Exercise ‘Cormorant Strike – III’ has started with nine teams of eight-member Special Forces personnel together with trainees proceeding to Verugal area by dusk today (10th September). The first joint exercise was conducted in November 2010 after the end of the war against Tamils.  ]]>


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