Tamils on hunger strike


immigrants-Indonesia-300x225A total of six Sri Lankan Tamils immigrants are on hunger strike at an Indonesian immigration detention center over poor living conditions, the Indonesian media reported today.

The media reports said that the six Sri Lankans were from a group of 89 detained at the center. They were demanding their transfer from the center.

Indonesian media reports said that the six Sri Lankans had fallen very ill after going without food for 3 days.

The Tamils will not be hospitalized despite falling sick, the Indonesian media reported.

R Pohan, an officer at the Indonesian detention center said that the detention center is supplying meals three times a day to the Sri Lankans including those on hunger strike.

“This morning, we delivered the food to them, despite their hunger strike. But we could not force them to eat, ” Pohan said.

The Directorate General of Immigration of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights has indicated that the demands of the 89 Sri Lankan Tamils immigrants will not be met.