Stalling deportation: UK to appeal court ruling


Notwithstanding the London High Court blocking the deportation of a group of Tamils to Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) was last week optimistic of continuing with the move through recourse to the judicial appeals process.

“The court ruling does not represent a blanket ban on returnees to Sri Lanka,” a UKBA spokesman said. “We will be filing an appeal”.

The asylum seekers were due to be sent back to Colombo last Thursday aboard a charter flight, together with some other Sinhalese and Muslim Sri Lankan deportees. But, the last minute intervention of the High Court allowed them to remain in the UK.

The flight departed at 5.30 p.m. from Stanstead Airport in London with eleven Sinhalese, a Tamil and a Muslim. The Tamil who was deported was not an asylum seeker. His Permanent Residence Permit was revoked due to an offense.


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