Tamil Nadu film industry to go hungry


tamilnadu_film_dirRajnikant and Kamal Hasan, Vijay, and several popular Tamil stars are to engage in a ‘hunger strike’ on 2nd April in Chennai to extend their support to Tamils in Sri Lanka and oppose the Sri Lankan government’s war crimes.

A day-long hunger strike in support of Tamil people in Sri Lanka was held on the 19th by those engaged in Tamil film industry, including superstars. Tamil student organizations have requested Tamil film directors to support their cause.

Meanwhile, the DMK of Mr. Karunanidhi accused Jayalalithaa’s State government of using the police to repress students’ protests across Tamil Nadu on the Sri Lankan Tamils’ issue.

The party executive, in a resolution, hailed the peaceful and spirited protests organized by college students demanding justice for Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Jayalalitha’s AIADMK however, ordered the closure of colleges in a bid to prevent students from gathering for protests.