If India don’t respect and insults it’s own Tamil citizens, then we don’t need Federal government, a Tamil activist told in Tamil Nadu. 15 million Sinhala relationship is more important to India than 65 millions Indian Tamils. Rather we want freedom, we cannot afford another salivary in the name of unified states. We should declare independence, and go to UN for protection. We should not lose our freedom at any cost. Let them (India) annex Srilanka, a friendly state with friendly people who loved Indians so much al our wars! Let us get liberated from this hypocratic federal government. They should it is ticking time bomb for the so-called Indian union, he added. Tamil Nadu political leaders’ and activists sharp reaction came a day after an Indian Minister of State for Defence Pallam Raju said the training to Sri Lankan defence forces would go on. “Sri Lanka is a friendly foreign country and training will go on. Sometimes there are objections by local governments which we have to take into consideration,” he had said. Meanwhile, Naam Tamilar party chief and film director Mr Seeman asks, If Sri Lanka is an India’s good friend, could India consider the Tamils are enemies or Tamil Nadu is a enemy state of the India? “It can be construed that the Indian central government is hurting the sentiments of Tamil Nadu and its people by this action, he added.]]>


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