Tamil youth abducted by Rajapaksa govt. (EPDP)


The Jaffna office of the Human Rights Commission has received a complaint that a youth from the Vankalavadi, Velani in Jaffna was abducted on the 22nd.

A complaint had been lodged with the Velani Police. The abducted is 34 year old Sathasivam Lokeshwaran who lives with his mother.

Two persons who had traveled on a motorbike had visited Lokeshwaran’s house around 2.45 a.m. on the 22nd and asked him to come out of the house. Lokeshwaran’s mother has told the Human Rights Commission that the two persons had taken him when he had come out and that there had been no information about her son since then.

His mother believed that Lokeshwaran was abducted by the two persons who had visited the house in the early hours of the 22nd.

TNA member and former Jaffna municipal councilors Nishnathan has said that Lokeshwaran is a member of the TNA’s youth wing and that he was threatened by a member of the Rajapaksa government (EPDP) a few days earlier.

Close to 60 cases of abductions of persons had been reported in the six month period between October 2011 and April 2012. A majority of the persons abducted are Tamils. The abducted also include heads of political parties and political activists.