Tamils Injured at Oval After Sri Lankan Mobs Assault


SL-londonLondon today saw ugly scenes of violence against democratic protests by Tamil activists at entrance of Oval grounds , as Sri Lankan ethnic Sinhala fan mobs gathered and assaulted Tamils, as they do in Sri Lanka.

The fans came out  excited after victory of Sri Lanka over Australia but turned angry denying the rights of Tamil’s campaign to bring awareness of atrocities of ethnic Tamils going through in the island under Sri Lankan military. The violence by Sri Lankan mobs injured few activists while the ugly display of Sri Lankan fans showed the real display of the situation in Sri Lanka.

Tamil Activists,who called to boycott Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka ,  gathered ahead of Sri Lanka –Australia match in order to raise awareness while urging the audience to Boycott Sri Lankan cricket as part of their #BoycottLKA campaign , until justice is served for the victims of Tamil Genocide in 2009. The democratic protest was allowed as Britain respects the right to protest as Human right but Sri Lankan fans who do not know the democratic practices in their country could not accept the right to protest even in London. The fans verbally abused the protesters in Sinhala , Tamils and English from morning denying the democratic rights of Tamils in Britain , further to denial in Sri Lanka., but calm protesters carried on issuing leaflets ignoring the slur.

Later , After the match finished , drunk Sri Lankan mobs began to racially abuse the protesters and then threw bricks and stones ,  later they gathered in hundreds to assault on protesters. As Sri Lankan fans out numbered the peaceful protesters and police officers , the angry mobs injured few Tamils before the Met Police reinforcements arrived at scene to chase away the angry mobs. Met Police charged few of Sri Lankan mobs with batons and  surrounded the activists to protect them from angry mobs.

There has been a question raised as Met Police has not made any arrest yet , but onlookers said that Police should arrest those behind the violence in order to send a message to all Sri Lankan fans that threat democratic rights is not tolerated in United Kingdom.

Following image from Associate Press published on Yahoo News


Another Tamil Media Tamilwin.com published a picture showing the a Sri Lankan thug is been charged with batton,

The act of Sri Lankan fans has given the other cricket fans about the display of persecution of Tamils in the island and threat to their lives in the island. Most of the international fans picked up the leaflets and challenged the attackers about their violent acts. Some brave non-Sri Lankan fans shouted at attackers and urged them to behave like humans. (LNW)