Tamils protest outside Indian Embassy in Berlin


A group of Lankan Tamil expatriates staged a protest yesterday against India opposite the Indian Embassy in Berlin, Germany, to release the Lankan Tamils detained in the Chenkalpattu special detention in Tamil Nadu.

Despite the measures taken by the Indian Embassy officials in Berlin to disperse the protest, the Lankan protestors were adamant not to leave the scene. They were carrying placards and banners condemning Tamil Nadu and India.

The protestors urged the Tamil Nadu Government to treat the Lankan refugees with dignity.

Protestors also carried banners urging the close down of the Chenkalpattu Camp and requesting release all detainees.

Meanwhile, the reports from Tamil Nadu said that the conditions of the twelve Lankan detainees fasting unto death for the past twelve days were deteriorating and they have now been put under medical observation. The efforts taken by the police and the prison officials in preventing the fast has failed according to reports from Chennai.

The protests were also staged outside the Chenkalpattu detention centre by various Tamil political groups demanding the release of the detainees, reports said.