Tamils protest to host 58th CPC in Sri Lanka


Tamils and Human right activists call the Commonwealth ambassador to withdraw his plan to host 58th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) in Sri Lanka.

Hosting the 58th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) in Sri Lanka, which gives legitimacy to a state engaged in the crime of genocide, an activist told to the Eelam-e-news.

The 58 Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) will be hosted in Sri Lanka this year, the Sri Lankan Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa said at the Cabinet briefing Wednesday.

He said 54 countries and 179 states will participate in the conference, due to be held from 7 September to 15 September.

Approximately 600 speakers and Members of Parliament have already confirmed their participation and an additional 100 more people are due to arrive in Sri Lanka as observers of the event, he said.


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