Three Tamils arrested in France


A young Tamil woman, her husband and her lover have been arrested in France after the woman attempted to kill her son and commit suicide, the French media reported today.

The 28 year old woman had attempted to kill her child born from an illicit affair with a Tamil man.

The woman had been in an affair with the man since 2010. She had attempted to commit suicide but did not want to leave the child alive as she felt there would not be anyone to take care of the child.

The woman was admitted to St. Louis Hospital in Paris after her attempt to commit suicide failed.

Her lover and her husband, also from Sri Lanka, have also been arrested, the AFP French news agency said.

“She was under pressure from the husband and lover. In addition the husband is believed to have assaulted his wife,” the news agency quoted officials as saying.

The child, who suffered burns and internal bruising, is out of danger and recovering in hospital.