TN colleges continue to remain closed


tn-protest9Several arts and science colleges continue to remain closed as the education department is yet to issue explicit orders to reopen them.

The Tamil Nadu government ordered colleges to close indefinitely on March 15 after student protests intensified prior to the vote on a UNHRCresolution on alleged war crimes by Sri Lanka. The indecision on the part of the government in issuing explicit orders to reopen colleges has lecturers and students worried that they will run out of time before they complete their course material.

A senior official said the government had not taken a final decision on reopening colleges because it apprehended problems because of the charged atmosphere. “We are in a dilemma,” he said. “The government has asked for the opinions of vice-chancellors from across the state on the current situation in state-run and autonomous institutions.”

A decision was to be taken on Wednesday but it was again postponed as protesters started a massive campaign against Sri Lankan players playing in IPL matches in Chennai last week, the official said. However, the protests have been muted after the government banned matches involving Sri Lankan players or officials.

Representatives of a few autonomous colleges said any announcement on reopening of colleges should give students at least three days to return as they have already left the city for their native states. Officials of a few engineering colleges said they had come to an informal agreement to reopen by April 8.

(Times of India)