TN worries over Chinese ships in SL waters


ChinaShipTamil Nadu has raised its concern on the issue of Sri Lanka allowing Chinese ships to fly its flag and fish near TN coast while banning any TN fishermen the same right who sail past the international maritime bounbdary.

And they accuse the Indian Central Govt for not taking any steps to prevent the harrasments made upon the TN fishermen in the area.

They say that the ICG is excusing itself by saying that the TN fisherman are trsspassing the Sri Lankan treeitorial waters.

On this same January 22, 2011 meeting with Vaiko, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh did not condemn the killings either. Instead he downplayed the killings. He told Vaiko that Pakistan had also arrested Gujarati (north Indian) fishermen.

However the Indian Prime Minister assured Vaiko that India would take up the issue with Sri Lanka SERIOUSLY to ensure that such incidents were not repeated.