TNA Appeals to the Tamil Speaking People


Mr Suresh K. Premachandran, Official Spokes Person of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) on Tuesday said his party has been making appeals to Tamils to vote for them.

Here is the letter sent by Suresh:

Dear Friends,

We the TNA are contesting the forth coming Eastern Provincial Council Election. Even though the Provincial Council is a powerless institution, we must bring it under our control and we must win the Maximum Tamil seats. This will send a message to the Sri Lankan Government as well as to the International Community.

 The ruling Coalition is Government using its entire machinery to win this election. Not only that, they are spending millions of rupees to get the votes. In this situation we need your solidarity and monitory support to win this election. As you are aware, this election is a crucial one and I hope that you will realize the need for the financial support and you will fulfil the needs and strengthen our hands.


Lovingly Yours,

Suresh K. Premachandran,

Member of Parliament, Jaffna District.

Official Spokes Person,

Tamil National Alliance (TNA)


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