TNA laughs off Mahinda’s claim


The Tamil National Alliance yesterday laughed off Sri Lankan President Mahinda  Rajapaksa’s announcement of having elections to the Northern Province in  September 2013, claiming that they will never be held at all!!

The TNA’s comments came in the wake of  Rajapaksa  telling the Hindu in  an interview and published in that newspaper yesterday that he hoped to hold the  elections to the Northern Provincial Council in September 2013 but the stumbling  block to holding the polls prior to that was the non- availability of the polls  register.

“What is the problem in the government having an election in the Northern  Province at this stage now, when it had a Presidential election, a Parliamentary  election and a Local government election in the North,” TNA spokesman and Jaffna  District MP Suresh Premachandran queried in an interview with the Colombo media last  night.

If the government and the President are both claiming that the elections to  the Northern Province could not be held due to the electoral registers not being  present, how is it that the government held the previous Presidential,  Parliamentary and Local government polls and why did the government not say it  at that time? Premachandran asked.

While emphasizing that the TNA was ready for a provincial poll even at this  time, he predicted that the government would not hold an election in the north  even after September 2013. “The government will not hold the Northern Provincial  elections even after September 2013 as it is aware that the TNA will win and  that is the last thing that the government wants at this stage,” he said.

The TNA MP also said that the members of the Armed Forces had grabbed large  extents of land in the Jaffna district and they would not be able to hold them  in the event that the TNA established a Northern Provincial Council, he said.


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