TNA to meet Indian leaders


TNAThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) will visit New Delhi, to get the leaders of the neighbouring country to pressurize the Government of Sri Lanka to stop amending/diluting the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, TNA inside sources said. “We will be visiting India within the next fortnight to meet the Indian Government leaders, to tell them that the 13th Amendment should be implemented as it is or go beyond it in the light of the government attempting to bring dilutions to it,” top TNA sources told Ceylon Today on conditions of anonymity. TNA spokesman and Jaffna District MP, Suresh Premachandran, confirming the tour told Ceylon Today the Indian visit will take place within the next two weeks, but said the dates of departure and the arrival were to be decided yet. “We have lots to tell the Indian Government, not only about the Sri Lankan Government’s attempt to dilute the 13th Amendment, but also what is happening in the North and East and in other parts of Sri Lanka as well,” Premachandran said.

He also said the TNA delegates would be meeting Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Congress Party Leader, Sonia Gandhi, External Affairs Minister Salman Kurshid and Finance Minister Palaniyandi Chidambaram.

The TNA spokesman also said the Government of Sri Lanka should not only implement the 13th Amendment but even go beyond it as was promised in what was called 13 Plus by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, when he met Indian President Pranab Mukerjee in the not too distant past.

“The Indian Government has a moral obligation to ensure that the 13th Amendment be implemented in full as it was a joint signatory to the Indo-Lanka Accord in 1987,” he said, adding the All Party Representatives Committee also recommended the implementation of the 13th Amendment.

The 13th Amendment to the Constitution was once believed to be the solution to the national question and it is tragic that the government was trying to dilute it, Premachandran said.

Earlier, the TNA said its decision whether to contest the Northern Provincial Council was also dependent on whether the government would be diluting the 13th Amendment.