TNA to support mass hunger strike


Against the backdrop of the mass hunger strike by more than 20,000 civilians in Thellipalai, Jaffna, on 14 February, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Spokesman, Suresh Premachandran, alleged more than 10,000 acres of land belonging to civilians had been occupied by the army.

“This event is being organized by the people from 13 refugee camps in the area, and we will be there to support them. It is their land which is still being used by the military for their own purposes. A total of 27 Grama Seva divisions in the area consisting of over 10,000 acres of land was acquired by the army for the High Security Zone (HSZ), and is still under army control. Not even MPs are allowed to enter this land. They are putting up hotels as well as engaging in farming in the area, and selling the produce in the local markets outside their areas of control,” he charged.

He added that military forces are putting up barbed wire fences from Thondamanaru to Kirimale in Jaffna, to divide civilian and military land.


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