Twenty nine years ago, this week, saw the outbreak of anti-Tamil riots in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo that changed the course of the nation’s history

Black July is the commonly used name for the anti-Tamil attacks carried out by Sri Lankan government Sinhala mobs starting in Sri Lanka on July 23, 1983. It is estimated that between 400-3000 Tamils were killed, tens of thousands of houses were destroyed, and a wave of Sri Lankan Tamils left for other countries.

At the time 100,000 Tamils found shelter in schools in Colombo and many then left for North America, Europe and Australia.

 Today there are about a million Sri Lankan Tamils abroad in the diaspora. That took the soul out of the Tamil community back home.

Until now, more than 200,000 Tamils were killed by Sri Lankan government forces and over two millions of Tamils displaced from there home land, but the international community is ignoring the Sri Lankan government genocide in Sri Lanka.


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