Two charged with Parithy’s murder


Two Sri Lankan men were charged Tuesday with the murder of a former commander of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers rebel group in Paris, a French judicial source said.

Nadarajah Mathinthiran was gunned down Thursday night as he was leaving the headquarters of the Tamil Coordination Committee in France (CCTF).

The two suspects, both born in Sri Lanka in 1979, were arrested Sunday and are being held in custody in Paris.

According to the judicial source, one of the men is suspected of ordering the murder and the other of carrying out the hit on the Sri Lankan-born French national, who died in a hail of bullets.

They have been charged with murder and immigration offences.

Mathinthiran’s daughter on Monday accused the Sri Lankan government of involvement in her father’s murder.

“There is every chance that it was the Sri Lankan government,” Saarrah Mathinthiran said at an impromptu memorial service near the site of the shooting, adding that the two men involved in the attack “knew how to shoot very well”.  (


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