US says MoU was for education


The US Embassy in Colombo said yesterday that the controversial Memorandum of Understanding entered into by the embassy and the Trincomalee Urban Council was confined to the establishing of a joint public information and activity centre known as an ‘American Corner’.

A spokesman for the embassy said :“The Trincomalee American Corner will provide similar services to the American Corner at the Kandy Library, opened in 2005 with the municipal council, and the American Corner in Jaffna, opened in 2011.”

The spokesman further said that the centre was to provide access to current information to the population in the region.

“The American Corner will provide access to current and reliable information about the United States via book collections, the internet and through a variety of events such as public readings, films, speaker programmes, workshops, meetings and exhibitions,” he said.

Two other American Centres waere opened in Jaffna and Kandy as well.