Wait before you judge Sri Lanka


common-KamaleshSharmaSir, Sri Lanka still has much to do to implement its post-conflict Lessons  Learned and Reconciliation Commission report (“A Sri  Lanka summit discredits the Commonwealth”, Gideon Rachman, June 25).

This is  a homegrown roadmap for achieving a multi-ethnic nation at peace with itself.  The question for the international community is whether to criticise lack of  progress from afar in implementing that report or to offer and to make a  practical difference. The Commonwealth has opted for the latter, and the Sri  Lankan government even now is identifying the areas where we will help. We are  active in Sri Lanka in advancing Commonwealth values, including human rights,  the media, judiciary, and building mutual respect and understanding in  communities.

Our Commonwealth soft power and behind the scenes contributions can often be  at risk of negative judgment in the short term, but our success is invariably  measured positively in the longer term in the form of real progress. To walk  away and not to stay the course would be to the Commonwealth’s lasting  discredit.

Kamalesh Sharma, Commonwealth Secretary-General, London SW1,  UK

The Financial Times.