Wigneswaran should apologize to Tamil Nadu Tamils


vignesJustice Wigneswaran should apologize  to Tamil Nadu Tamils; TNA should pick another CM candidate, Tamils for Obama group based in USA said in an open letter.

Here is the full text of the letter:

Justice Wigneswaran recently gave an exclusive interview to Hindustan Times. There are few things that came out during this interview that worry us. We would like address these worries in this letter.

1. Mr. Wigneswaran in this Hindustan Times interview referred to “our army” and “our navy.” These references are to the Singhalese-controlled national Sri Lankan armed forces. They are not “our” forces and calling it “our army” insults the Tamils.

This is the genocidal army killed over 70,000 Tamil civilians, and raped numerous Tamil women and whose officers may eventually be facing war crimes tribunals for these murders.

2. Mr. Wigneswaran makes clear (he says it many times and in many ways) that he favors a united Sri Lanka. He asks the leaders in Tamil Nadu to “allow us to work out our own solutions to our own problems within a united Sri Lanka.” These are the same ideas and even the same phrases that Mahinda Rajapaksa  used when misleading the international community.

3. “You are welcome to give us any other kind of support,” Mr. Wigneswaran says to our Tamil cousins in Tamil Nadu, “but please allow us to work out our own solutions to our own problems within a united Sri Lanka.” Our cousins deserve our respect and thanks for their support and sacrifice. CM Jayalalithaa and the Tamil Nadu legislature have passed (unanimously) a resolution calling for a South Sudan style referendum asking about a separate, secure and safe Tamil homeland.

Jayalalithaa met Hillary Clinton in Chennai and spoke of the suffering of the Sri Lankan Tamils. We know, because when we met Asst. Secretary Blake at the state department he told us so. Secretary Clinton then worked to support the UNHRC resolution to bring war crimes charges against SL government leaders. Jayalalithaa and  the TN  legislature then pushed India to support the resolution also, and India has since supported it twice. TN Tamils have given us their support in our time of need.  We appreciate their help, and we will never  tell them “mind your own business.”

We urge Mr. Wigneswaran to apologize to the leaders and the people of Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Wigneswaran lives in Colombo and has lived there all his life. He is out of touch with the experiences and wishes of the Tamils in northeast Sri Lanka. He was reluctant from the beginning take this office and we urge the TNA should pick someone closer to the northeastern Tamils.