Woman complained of rape by a Buddhist monk


A 42 year-old woman from Kelaniya (name withheld) complained that she was raped by a monk from Shanti Viharaya, Kalaniya, when she went to meet him for some advice on 04th January 2013. He forced her to a room inside the Viharaya, struck her on the forehead, forcibly removed her clothes and raped her. She begged her attacker not to do this by kneeling at his feet however that did not deter him. The name of the monk is Ambanpola Seelarathna. The woman was taken to the Ragama Hospital and was warded there for a week. On the date of the incident itself she complained to the Peliyagoda police. When she gave the interview today, she was in a police jeep from the Peliyagoda Police Station and she was being returned to the station to make a further statement. She stated that the police officers had told her that later she will be taken to the Shanti Viharia, presumably so the police can inspect the scene of the crime and to identify her attacker. She complained that despite of her complaints from the very date of the incident the monk has not been arrested. He is well known in the area and engages in selling charms (Gurukam). Several of the victim’s relatives are living abroad and they are urging justice for the victim. Courtesy – The Guradian]]>


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